Klump's Honey Farm

Raw Honey

Pints 10$

Quarts 20$

Gallons 64$

Due to the weight and expense of shipping I do pick up only. On larger orders I will deliver.  Please feel free to call Matt Klump at (989)-942-4934.

How did I get started?

I started just helping my friends collect honey for a few years. Then in the fall of 2015 they asked if I wanted to take them over I figured yeah seems easy. Well the first winter I lost 12 of 13 hives ouch. So then I realized, I better get a handle on this. So I read and watched you tube videos as much as possible. I ended up buying 7 new packages, plus I split my surviving hive 4 times. Making a total of 12 hives. With the drastic changes I made I was able to get 9 hives through the winter. Furthermore, five years later I run somewhere around 40-50 hives and  I am able to sell a few nucs from my splits every spring to help with equipment cost. The thing that drives me the most is the challenge of keeping the bee's healthy and alive. I also enjoy helping new beekeepers out with advice and tips when they run into issues.

Spring of 2016 the start of the learning curve.

Swarm Removals